Tim Hortons has announced they are selling all-new Beyond Meat Burgers, something we noticed being tested in the GTA last month

Tim Hortons has actually made a host of announcements in the last few months. In June, the fast-food chain launched new Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches to complement the rest of their breakfast menu.

At the same time, they also announced the new 'omelette bites,' low-carb, calorie-conscious snacks. Oh, and of course, the introduction of new drinks, like the oddly-named Creamy Chills, or the Jolly-Rancher inspired Slushy.

Today, Tim Hortons announced stores across Canada would have a new addition to their food menu: the Beyond Meat burger.

Tim Hortons is following in the footsteps of many restaurants to have added plant-based options to their menu: notably, A&W also serves the vegan burger patty.

For many, it seems like this new addition to the menu is a little off-brand: after all, most people go to Timmies for ice capps, doughnuts, and bagels, not burgers.

This girl understands what's UP. Vegan cream cheese would be DOPE.

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Tim Hortons are excited to bring the burger to their menu. This is the first time the chain has been able to release a burger.

The reason for this new menu item, according to the press release is that "the burger patty is prepared in the same way as the Beyond Sausage™ patty for the new breakfast sandwiches."

Mike Hancock, Tim Horton's Chief Operating Officer, says he is "excited to be able to offer our guests a burger for the very first time."

Hanock goes on to state that, "with nearly 4,000 Tim Hortons locations across the country, we are the largest quick-service restaurant in Canada to add the Beyond Burger to our menu and at just $5.69, at one of the most affordable price points as well."

The Beyond Meat burger is available at select Tim Hortons nationwide starting today.

You can find the full press release here.

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