Deep-fried foods seem to be popping up everywhere. And with good reason: they're freaking delicious!

We always need a bit more edible happiness in our lives and thankfully, the universe has provided. You can get deep-fried maple cookies right here in Montreal!

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Hopefully you're heard of Dasfoodtruck by now,  but if you haven't it's the perfect time to find out. First of all, they have the restaurant Le Gras Dur as their home base, but they've also got three food trucks: the Schnitzel Truck, the Burger Truck, and the Bacon Truck.

@gentlemensbbqembedded via

Luckily for us, they've got a new item on their menu: maple cookies deep-fried in schnitzel batter!

If you come to Rockland Center between March 5 and 11th, you can get these free deep-fried maple cookies free when you buy a large poutine. Or you can buy them for 3 for $5.

Via Dasfoodtruck

Check out their Facebook page for more info!

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