When it comes to booking vacations online, the options are seemingly endless. There are a million sites touting the lowest prices and it all seems like a neverending scroll session.

And how do you know that you aren't getting taken advantage of? Who can you trust? (Does anyone actually use a travel agent anymore?)

That's why it's nice to know there are people out there looking out for us, the little guys, when it comes to big, bad travel companies. 

Cue the attorneys at KuglerKandestin, the law firm that is currently overseeing a new class-action lawsuit in Quebec.

Yep, if you've used Expedia.ca, Hotels.com, or Travelocity.ca at any point over the last four years, you may be eligible to participate in a class-action lawsuit that could result in a couple extra bucks back in your pocket. 

The Quebec Superior court just authorized the publication of this notice to allow customers who have used any of these three websites to come forward and register to stay up to date with the lawsuit. 

The allegation against these websites is that they "failed to comply with several rules of public order," as seen in the Quebec Consumer Protection Act, as well as the Regulation respecting travel agents.

Apparently, these three websites failed to properly display "hotel fees" (sometimes seen as "establishment" or "resort" fees) as customers were checking out, meaning that customers had to pay more than what was listed in order to secure their reservation.

The lawsuit particularly applies to individuals who booked a hotel room or resort stay via one of the sites listed above between January 10th, 2015 and now.

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The good news is if you did book a room with one of these websites in the last four years, you don't have to do anything, you're already considered part of the lawsuit. But you can keep up to date with the case as it goes through court!

The original Notice to Class Members (that you, if you've booked through these sites for a room in the last 4 years) also includes the travel companies called Travelscape LLC and Tour East Holidays Canada.

There is no indication yet of what kind of damages the class members will be entitled to, AKA we don't know how much money you'll be getting back, but the initial Notice states that relief sought includes, "civil damages which correspond to the total amount of hotel fees they had to disburse since January 10, 2015, with statutory interest from the date the class action was served as well as any indemnity provided for by law."

Again, you can keep up to date with the proceedings via the attorneys involved. Visit their website here.


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