If you’ve got old socks, trade them in for a free glass of wine, a limited-time-offer at many of Montreal’s most popular restaurants. 

And if that doesn’t already sound like an amazing deal, you can feel even better knowing the socks-for-wine-trade is for a good cause. 

Socks for Bubbly/Bas pour Bulles is an annual charity drive to help Montreal’s homeless population entering its fourth year. 

Getting a glass of free wine is pretty straight forward. Just bring in a pair of your old socks to a participating restaurant and you’ll get a glass of sparkling wine. 

The socks are then donated to the Old Brewery Mission, where they will be given to people who are homeless. 

Montreal chef David Ferguson of Restaurant Gus first thought of the Socks for Bubbly concept four years ago, after learning about the dire need for socks among homeless populations.

Socks and underwear are rarely donated to homeless shelters or clothing drives. And in a city like Montreal, where it gets really cold in the winter, socks are something of a necessity for a person without a home. 

To raise awareness, and collect some warm socks, Ferguson launched Socks for Bubbly at Restaurant Gus and other neighbourhood locales. Now in its fourth year, the campaign has extended to ten Montreal restaurants and all the way to Toronto, reports The Gazette

Socks for Bubbly runs until November 26th, so if you got an old pair of socks lying around and want some wine with your next meal out, be sure to donate at one of these participating restaurants: 

  • Nora Gray
  • Joe Beef
  • Pastaga 
  • Pizzeria GEMA
  • Restaurant Santa Barbara
  • Restaurant Su
  • Tuck Shop
  • Lili. Co.
  • Luciano Trattoria
  • Resturant Gus

More info can also be found at the events Facebook page here. 

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