Canada is home to some amazing creatures and landscapes. 

Really, we must have some of the most beautiful outdoor sights to see in the world. 

Whether it is our animal friends, or the northern lights - Canada. Is. BEAUTIFUL! 

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If you've always wanted to swim with dolphins, like so many do, I want to tell you about the most Canadian alternative you could imagine.

Walking with polar bears!

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See - most Canadian alternative, ever, am I right?

A Canadian resort up in Churchhill, MB, is offering you the opportunity to walk amongst the polar bears of Churchill. 

I am a born and raised Manitoban, so this hits close to my heart. In fact, I have been up to Churchill a couple times and seeing polar bears there is not at all uncommon. Sometimes they even show up walking around the town, not even joking!

Churchill is internationally known as the polar bear capital of the world.

Churchill Wild is no offering an Arctic Safari, where you can walk amongst the polar bears in all their glory. 

Via Churchill Wild Ecolodge Polar Bear Tours

Billed as their most ambitious adventure to date, the Arctic Safari is a wildlife encounter second to none and the only of it's kind.

The Arctic Safari takes place in Canada’s last remaining wilderness, from the Arctic “Serengeti” the great tundra plains known as The Barren Lands, through “The Land of Little Sticks” and finally down to the rugged Hudson Bay coastline, home of the Great White Bears.

Churchill Wild Ecolodge has three remote polar bear lodges, located directly on the Hudson Bay coast, deep in the heart of polar bear country. The locations are so remote that you need to take a short plane ride from Churchill town to get there.

Churchill Wild Ecolodge promises an experience that feels out-of-this-world. 

Click here to find more information. 

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