I don't know about you, but even though I haven't "liked" many pages, my Facebook feed is always filled with products and advertisements from random companies. Although I don't enjoy ads, I must admit even I come across awesome looking products or gadgets that instantly put me in a "shut up and take my money" mood. Luckily I have some degree of self control which stops me from going onto the stores website and buying whatever caught my eye.

But soon the temptation might be overwhelming because According to Complex, Facebook has announced that you'll be able to buy things directly through their website. Brands will have the option to have virtual storefronts on their Facebook pages where you can browse products, buy them and check out directly through Facebook.

It's a great day for people with a lot of disposable income and a terrible day for impulse buyers and shopaholics .

Facebook is actually behind when it comes this this trend. Twitter and Pinterest have already introduced their own online "shops" and Google is even launching a "buy button."

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