Poutine is getting more an more popular around the world. All I have to say is: It's about fuckin' time! In fact it's taking way too long. The american should be selling that shit everywhere by now.

Poutine has gotten so popular in the last few years that we're no longer the ones who search for it the most. And you'll never believe who searched for the word "poutine" more than anyone else.

The Ivory Coast.

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Photo cred - Googletrends

Seriously I'm just as confused as you are. Check it out for yourself. I was going to try to make a joke about this, but then I realized I know nothing about the ivory coast so I'm going to sit here looking dumbfounded instead.

I think we should be ashamed of ourselves. But then again we don't have any reason to google "Poutine", we already know exactly what it is and where the best ones are. And if you don't, just check out any the following lists.

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