It's no secret that Montreal has an electric night life. That doesn't mean you always have to be in the mood to dress up and go out. Not to mention how costly that can get. Sometimes having your friends over for a TV night can be just as much of a party. Especially if you have your favourite bottle on the guest list. Here's what you should be watching to keep your squad laughing (bonus: it's mostly all on Canadian Netflix) (other bonus: recommended drinking games for each show included. Yeah we got your back.) :

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1. Wet Hot American Summer (2015)

With summer coming to a close, this might be just what you need. This show, set in a camp, is the prequel to a 2001 classic (movie) of the same name. With an all-star cast, it is classified as "absurd" on Netflix which, essentially, sums it up.

Drink every time Bradley Cooper and Amy Poehler almost kiss.

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2. Bob's Burgers

There are very few things you should love more than Bob's Burgers. Everything about this show is simply stellar. You'll find yourself relating to each character individually and will have a hard time picking a favourite. The show has some obvious humour as well as a second layer of craftier jokes (that you sometimes only notice when re-watching the episode). The cherry tomato on top? Puns! So many puns! Hint: Keep an eye on the menu of the day as well as the opening theme song.

Drink every time Tina says "butts".

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3. Fresh off The Boat

Side-splitting funny and just a little racist. But in a good way. If you're apart of an immigrant asian family you'll definitely identify with this show. In fact, if you're simply an immigrant family you'll be able to relate.

Drink every time an asian kid talks about rap music.

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4. Young & Hungry

Are you in your twenties and trying to figure out adulthood? Through Gabi, this show will show you a lot of what not to do.

Drink every time Gabi meddles in someone else's business.

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5. Archer

Sterling Archer is the worlds best secret agent. He's also an extremely narcissistic, blunt alcoholic that has sever mommy issues. Also, possibly daddy issues. This show isn't for everyone, but if you like something a little raunchier equipped with double entendres, running gags and witty banter then definitely give it a go!

Drink every time Archer drinks.

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6. The Mindy Project

This show's fast pace will have you cackling throughout its entirety. You'll blow through the episodes and then cry because there are no more left. Mindy, an eccentric and talented OBGYN, is actively pursuing what we all want: love. She dates a series of men in the hopes of finding the one she can settle down with and hilarity ensues. It was also a great show to have on air because it stars a different kind of woman than what is most seen on TV. Mindy is indian, chubby and small breasted. Though, she denies all three in an adorable deluded kind of way. FYI: For those who are already fans and are sad that it has gotten cancelled, Hulu has picked it up! So keep an eye out for that.

Drink every time Mindy refers to her huge knockers.

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7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt

This Netflix original is about a girl who is locked up in a bunker for most of her life until she is finally rescued. As an adult with the mindset of a child she tries to make it in New York city all the while trying to resist society's attempts to break her spirit (thus the title). You'd think it'd be heavy and emotional but it's approached in a way that will make you literally laugh out loud (or figuratively if you hate fun and joy). Also, the theme song is super catchy!

Drink every time Kimmy doesn't understand a modern reference.

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8. Bojack Horseman

It's about a 90's sitcom superstar has-been who's also a human-like horse. It doesn't really seem like something you'd like to watch, but trust me, it should be. Bojack is extremely flawed and kind of awful but somehow you still end up rooting for him. The humour is cynical, deadpan and perfect. That doesn't stop the show from having profound moments due to complex characters.

Drink every time

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9. Happy Endings

It's six young adults, doing the life thing. It's quick-witted, character driven and has original plots (none of the usual tropes). The acting is terrific all around which isn't a compliment I give out lightly or often. It's kind of like the new generation of friends. Yes, I went there.

Drink every time Penny says ''Year of Penny''.

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10. Mixology

Who's going home with who? Is essentially the premise. One bar, one night and ten people interacting throughout the course of the season (13 episodes). This Netflix original give new meaning to playing the game and it's a funny one.

Drink every time someone gets turned down.

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