So we have all seen Lord of the Ring and the Hobbit trilogies, right? The principle of each of the two trilogies - and of course the books they are coming from- is a simple one: an epic quest of proportions carried by a small Hobbit and his friends to banish evil from Middle Earth. It doesn’t really look like it has much to do with going clubbing in the city of Montreal, but there are more similarities than one would think, from your eclectic crew of friends to the many events that will unfold.

First and foremost, before you get on your epic adventure, you have to meet up with your crew:

1. It all begins with Gandalf.

He (or she) is the main reason why you and everybody else are here tonight and the one that will introduce you to new people for the night. He will most likely want to go to a club that no one in your crew knows  and everybody will have trouble finding it. But he won't really care and will just keep disappearing throughout the night for no reason.

Photo cred - happymelancholy

2. You have your Hobbit friends.

The ones that came to the before party with a ton of food and the first ones to say in the middle of the night that you should stop off at A&W. They know you are tired or want to party but they just feel like having a slice of pizza.

Photo cred - Neverlandgirl13

3. Every crew has an elf. 

Your very own Legolas. That one person in the group who, for some reason, will never look trashed. As your and your friends states will slowly deteriorate as the night goes on, this one will appear flawless and sober the whole night. This is the one that cares the most about the way he or she looks, and it definitely pays off.

Photo cred - re-toxed

4. You might count one or two dwarves among your friends.

 Will swear that it's in his blood to be able to drink the best brew. Will not survive the night. Beard not mandatory.

Photo cred - parasites-as-big-as-my-arm

5. And then there's Gollum.

The one that has been so wrecked by his last relationship he can’t stop talking about his precious - ex-precious that is. If you happen to go to a place where that precious happens to be hanging out, it's probably not a coincidence.

Once the crew - or at least most of it- is ready, you can finally move on to the actual adventure.

6. You will have to fight the elements.

 As much as you wish you lived in the beautiful Middle Earth, you are still in Montreal which means most of the year you will have to fight snow or intense humidity to get to your place of choice - if you ever find it considering you still don't know where Gandalf is off to.

7. You have people you don’t want to run into.

Just like with the Nazgûl, there are people you just don’t want to run into, especially when you are out to have a good time. It might be your ex or a friend you no longer talk to, but their presence is making you feel so oppressed right now.

Photo cred - raindancer101

8. You don’t just stay in one place for a long time.

The first bar is usually not the right bar. Then your friend wants to go to another place that turns out to be way too crowded. Then you have to improvise. Moving along is something you might do a lot.

Photo cred -  memythoughtsandwhoknows

9. Some of your friends don’t make it to the end.

I guess we can call them the Boromirs. Whether they are too tired, too cold, busy hooking up or you just lose them without noticing when you leave the first bar, you are bound to have people who don’t make it beyond the first act.

Photo cred - l-o-t-r

10. The ultimate place that you were looking for all along will not take that much time of your night.

The quest was long but the climax, not so much.

In a sense, even with all of those elements, only you and your friends will make the night a masterpiece or a failure. No matter the outcome, this will probably be your reaction when your friends will want to start the adventure all over on the very next day.

Photo cred - captainawkwarddotcom

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