Anyone who lives in Montreal is pretty much automatically awesome. Our city is home to beautiful architecture, colorful seasons, gorgeous views, delicious food and exceptionally good looking women. It's true. Montreal girls are not only beautiful though. We're also smart, fashionable and amazing. I will generalize when it comes to praising Montreal women, because I feel like it. Deal with it. We're the best. Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why Montreal girls are the best ever.

1. We're a lot of fun

Montreal is a city with so much going on. Literally, every day there is something to do. You'll never be bored with a girl from Montreal, because fun is just a part of life for us. Check out this list of activities if you ever feel like you have nothing to do... Get yourself a Montreal girlfriend and never be bored again.

2. We're beautiful and it's a fact

Did you know that, according to, Montreal women are ranked #8 for most beautiful women in the world? Numbers don't lie, people.

3. We know how to dress well

Fashion is a quintessential part of our culture. Montreal girls LOVE to dress up. We want to look good even in unreasonably freezing cold temperatures. Ice storm? No problem! We still look dope as hell. Not sure where to shop for sick outfits? Here's a little list that will help you out with your fashion struggles.

4. We love food

Montreal has the highest restaurant concentration per capita in North America. As a consequence, it's pretty safe to assume that almost every Montreal girl is a foodie. We're literally obsessed with good food. Oh, yes, and we love poutine. That makes us awesome.

5. We're into sports

We love cheering for Habs! Sometimes we don't really understand hockey stuff, but we love to watch it nonetheless. Go Habs Go!

6. We're amazing lovers

We have actual sex classes in Montreal. Like, there are blowjob classes, striptease classes and even sex toys 101... Check out this post for more sex class stuff you can take in Montreal. We even have an annual sex party here. Montreal girls are obviously into kinky stuff, duh!

7. We're into art

I truly believe that Montreal is the Canadian capital of art... because beautiful things are literally everywhere around you. Did you see this post about Montreal street art? Sick, right? Montreal girls LOVE it, obviously. We're into everything artsy, unconventional and exquisite.

8. We're ambitious

Montreal girls are career oriented sharks. We have the highest graduation rate in the province, by the way. So yeah, we're hot AND smart, basically. You can't sit with us ("Mean Girls" movie reference, get it?). Ok, you can sit with us, we're also really nice.

9. We're fit

Montreal is a fit city. Period. We have Bixis, gyms, hiking paths... we don't even need to go to the gym to stay fit. For real! Check out this post if you don't believe me.

10. We love pets

Kitties and puppies are our friends. We love them with all our hearts. We have dog cafes and cat cafes. You know what it says about Montreal girls? That we have so much love to give, it doesn't even make sense. Come hug us right now.

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