Did you see the video Amber Rose did for Funny or Die yesterday, titled "The Walk of No Shame"? I'll post a link to the video in the end of this article. Well, I couldn't help but wonder (in Carrie Bradshaw's voice), what do girls think about when they do the dreaded walk of shame? We've all been there at least once in our lifetime. So I ran a little survey around the office and the results are hilarious. Here are a just a few things that run through a girl's mind when she's doing the walk of shame.

1. Ouch, I can't walk.

2. That totally sucked, should've just watched Netflix.

3. Where are my panties?

4. Can't get out of this fucking dress, too tight.

5. I'm keeping this oversized-checkered shirt.

6. Oh fuck, is this my aunt?

7. Can't wait to shower.

8. I need McDonald's and then sleep.

9. Is he going to call back?

10. I hope I make it home in time to watch The View.

Video cred - ThefixAustralia

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