Remember when I spoke about how wonderful Montreal men are? I even went as far as saying that they make the best husbands. Here's a link to the original article. Yes, some of them truly are exceptional. There is, however, another side of the coin - Montreal guys to stay away from. Chances are, you've probably dated a typical Montreal douchebag, because they outnumber the nice guys by a lot. Hopefully, this list will help you stay alert and know when you're dealing with the wrong type of Montreal guy. This list is so real, it's hilarious.

1. The "too cool for school" guy

He's a typical Montreal fuckboy. Obsessed with his looks and swag. You can spot him at all the hip places on Fridays and Saturdays such as Soubois, Pandore and New City Gas. He likes to say things like, "I only date models."

2. The "I don't know why I'm attracted to him" guy

The weird cute guy who lives with his parents, but is still out almost every day of the week. You might be attracted to his sleazy looks, but as soon as he starts talking about how he's hooked up with the waitress from the restaurant you're having dinner at - that's when you run, capisce?

3. The "bros before hoes" guy

For this guy, gym is religion. He likes to talk about protein shakes, gains and other similar BS. He has another very specific characteristic - a group of "bros" that he loves to watch hockey and hang out with on a regular basis.

4. The "my ex was a slut" guy

You're out on a date with this guy and, all of a sudden, he drops the "my ex was a slut" bomb - that's your ultimate red flag, girl. He's a psycho, run!

5. The "Netflix and chill" guy

You meet this guy, he seems super cool at first. Then he starts inviting you over to chill. He doesn't want to go on actual dates, he just wants you to come over "and watch a movie".

6. The "send me your nudes" guy

You probably met this guy on Tinder and, before even meeting him in person, he starts asking you for nudes. Do NOT send him your nudes even if you look hot AF on them.

7. The "sorry, I'm busy" guy

This guy will make plans with you, then cancel super last minute. He will also be busy for weeks in a row because he has a very "important" job and an "overcharged" schedule. The reality is, he's probably seeing someone else and you're his plan B.

8. The smooth talker

This guy will smother you with attention and say all the right things. What gives him away is the bad timing. He will say all these nice but weird things way too fast. Like, on the second date, he will tell you how he's dying to make you his wife, for example. Thanks, but no thanks.

9. The cute young guy

This guy is handsome and fun, but so freaking dumb. Your text conversations will be extremely painful, because he is a bit slow. You'll be like, "Hey, what's up" and he texts you back saying, "What do you mean?" Give him some time though... he might grow up into a smarter and sharper human being.

10. The selfie master

He has more selfies than Kim Kardashian. In addition, this specimen is particularly active on social media. He posts very "deep" Facebook statuses, comments on a lot of "important" things and likes a shit ton of chicks' photos. Next!

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