You might have heard a thing or two about Montreal. Honestly, this city is so overrated. We have the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada and the second highest in North America after New York City... we're also home to the world famous Cirque du Soleil. No biggie, right?

If you're planning to visit Montreal, it might very well end up being your life's worst decision. You've been warned. There is absolutely nothing to see in Montreal and here is the proof.

1. The city is surrounded by water and it's definitely not pretty

2. Winters in Montreal don't look like anything and lack any element of magic

3. The architecture is very meh

4. We're extremely conservative

Photo cred - Canadanightlife

5. If you like good food, look elsewhere

6. Art is basically non existent

7. Nature is pretty basic

8. Winters get extremely boring

9. Montreal is not culturally diverse at all

Photo cred - Anefian

10. There are no historic sites to see

11. It's quite possibly the least romantic city on earth

12. European charm? Yuck!

13. We hate parties

14. Montreal festivals are really nothing special

Photo cred - Montrealvisitorsguide

15. Old Port? Lame.

16. No scenic views whatsoever

17. Music festivals are always a huge fail

18. Grand Prix? Who cares...

19. Street art is so unnecessary

Photo cred - Themainmtl

20. A beach in the middle of the city? Whatever

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