If you've ever been to Tim Hortons in your entire life then... you've probably lived through one of the harrowing experiences listed below.

While the coffee shop is a haven of Canadiana and a beacon of light for anyone that's ever driven a stretch of the Transcanadian, sometimes they just can't get it right. It's almost endearing.

I love the hell out of Tim Horton's, just like any self-respecting Canadian does.

They've got donuts down to a science and their coffee is a cheap, no-frills alternative to the frivolous espresso-based beverages that have taken over as of late.

With that being said, many universal Tim Hortons experiences are really just fails on their part. But these shared incidents are part of what bonds Tim Hortons customers together.

And I guarantee, if you've ever been to Tim's, you've experienced at least one of these too relatable moments.

1. Your Donut Being Stripped of Its Icing... and Its Dignity

Is there anything worse than reaching into that little brown bag to find a naked Chocolate Dip? 

A donut is just not a donut without the icing on top. 

I feel like we need to get some engineering minds behind this to solve this national crisis NOW.

2. That Hair Does Not Belong To You

This one is pretty gross and honestly, I'd skip tweeting about it and just go back and... get them to make you a new one.

But another good trick my mom taught me is: just pull it out and pretend it was yours. Mind over matter and your lunch ain't ruined.

No? Just me?

Also, to be fair, the Tim Hortons social media team does respond to many of these Tweets in an effort to make things right.

3. Your Coffee Was Messed Up

The whole schtick of Timmies is that they make your coffee for you, just the way you like it.

But we all know it doesn't really work like that...

It's important to remember you're usually paying less than a toonie for that cup of joe, so don't lose your mind. 

Or, try a local joint if you're looking for a coffee made with love.

4. Someone Went to Town on Your Sandwich

I'm pretty sure they have those fancy bagel cutters, so I really have no idea how this massacre could have happened...

And sometimes it's clear that your little sammie was just not made with any love.

I mean, we've all seen the line at our local Tim's in the morning... it ain't pretty.

5. You Had to Wait for a Year

I almost didn't include this one because honestly, the staff at Timmies is usually amazing, helpful, quick, and kind.

Though the world isn't perfect and sometimes, shit happens.

My advice in this situation would be... leave early if you know you're stopping for a coffee.

Timmies staff members are humans, too. Take it easy on service staff, you never know what kind of asshole they just had to deal with before you showed up.

6. Your Order Was Just... Off

Maybe the mic at the Drive-Thru was busted, or they didn't hear you properly...

But, just like I said above, sometimes shit happens.

At least Canadians are kind and understanding... usually.

7. Coffee Remnants On Everything

It is a coffee shop after all, so some caffeinated cross-contamination is to be expected.

Coffee grounds in a wrap, though? I'll pass.

And while some people pay good money for chocolate-covered espresso beans...

I'm gunna pass on Tim Horton's drip coffee beans in my drink.

8. Someone Was an Asshole in the Parking Lot

Tim's brings together people from all walks of life.

Nice, friendly, coffee-loving Canadians and... all those other asshats.

I can be bad with road rage like any human so... try deep breaths.

And why don't we pretend these folks are from... out of town.

Though, as the tweet below shows, sometimes it's our own neighbourhood characters that keep the local Tim Horton's a hotspot for drama and fun.

Tim Horton's is truly a special and Canadian place and all of this is in good fun.

Like I've said repeatedly, these stores are run by real human beings living in the real world where things are never perfect. 

I love my Timmies just like the next person and I had to share these tweets because every single one made me go, "Oh my god I haaaaate when that happens!" more in sympathy than in anger.

Stay tuned.


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