Here's an image that's been pissing a lot of people off lately. A simple sign listing the holiday schedule of a Tim Hortons.

It reads:

To allow members of our team to celebrate the holidays with their families, please note the following modifications to our schedule: Open - Open - Open - Open - Open.

People are freaking out about this, as if Tim Hortons was an evil corporation bent on stealing Christmas like some Coffee brewing Canadian Grinch. Which is understandable, after all it's one thing to be open on Christmas, but it's another to advertise that fact on a sign meant to display the employees holiday schedule. This just makes people realize that most Tim Horton workers are supposed to get some time off, but that these particular ones aren't.

Still, people should calm down. The truth is that those employees are probably getting paid extra to work during the holidays and most of them probably volunteered for those shifts. I know it may sound crazy, but Christmas isn't a big deal for some people. In fact I've known many people who WANT to work on Christmas to avoid having to deal with all the holiday hassle. Not to mention those who don't celebrate because they have a different culture or religion.


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