It all began this weekend when I opened the door of my house to a busy downtown Montreal street to find an package sitting on my bottom step. For anyone else who has randomly found one of these packages at their doorstep, you probably have some questions running through your mind. When did it get dropped off? Has anyone moved it or looked at my information? Why didn't the delivery driver knock on my door? Have I recieved other packages that have been stolen? The list goes on.

I thought it was just an odd circumstance, albeit this has happened to me before, but I didn't concern myself too much about it. That was until one of my neighbours approached me asking if I had found my package, as the Amazon driver basically chucked my package at my door and hastily drove off.

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TL;DR After discovering that Amazon drivers have intentionally left my packages unattended outside, I searched Twitter to see if others had experienced the same situation. Read more Tweets below.

No attempt to ring my doorbell, no concern as to whether the package would be found or not. This is when I began to worry, as that means Amazon drivers have been ditching my packages without my knowledge.

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I wanted to make sure I wasn't the only person out there dealing with this. It turns out, I'm not. In fact, this kind of delivery practice has been going on for awhile. The proof is in all of the angry and frustrated Tweets made by people who have had their packages ditched, as well:

It's not just Amazon, either. It turns out that UPS drivers are also being held accountable by disgruntled customers.

On the other hand, some people are wishing Amazon would just hire an actual postal service to deliver packages:

Most people just want the ditching of packages to come to an end.

We can all agree that all we want is for Amazon to just ring our doorbell when they arrive with a package. Has this ever happened to you before? Let us know about your experience with Amazon delivery drivers!


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