Roll Up The Rim To Win is back in Canada and coffee and tea drinkers across the nation are ready to roll their way into a new car.

Okay, some people are rolling, others trolling. The Twitter reactions below are hilarious and, honestly, I'm grateful for Roll Up The Rim if only for the entertainment I got compiling this article.

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TL;DR Roll Up The Rim To Win has swept the nation and Canadians are taking to Twitter to share their wins, their losses, and their suggestions for Tim Hortons' annual coffee contest.

A lot of people are really excited...

Canadian coffee drinkers now have the chance to win a bunch of free Tim's treats, a car, or even cold hard cash.

Though many people on Twitter know what it really takes to win...

And although the odds are supposed to be 1 in 6, the math doesn't always come out in your favour.

These two have clearly had to keep buying to see any return...

Even if your 9th coffee is free, you could have had a free coffee at McDonald's after 7, so I'm not sure how much you're "winning" in this situation...

And if you're in accord with me and @22_minutes... then you're also losing because you've got Tim's coffee in your cup.

Even worse than buying Tim's coffee and drinking it: forgetting it's Roll Up The Rim and throwing your cup away without checking to see if you won anything.

But I shouldn't get so down on Tim's. The classic Canadian coffeehouse brings joy to Canadians all year long.

And during Roll Up The Rim, Canadians are even more united in their desire to caffeinate themselves into a new car.

Though some people are over it.

Or maybe just bitter because they haven't won anything yet...

And others aren't impressed with the prizes available this year...

So they've provided their own suggestions.

Other people are opting for their own version of Roll up the Rim...

Much cheaper and you're managing expectations.

And other people are just here to make Dad Jokes in Timmies' direction...

Again, thank you Tim Horton's for providing Canadians with the opportunity to Roll with you and also troll you non-stop.

And if you're out there participating in Roll Up The Rim, don't give up! You never know where you might find a prize...

Here's hoping the next winner of a million dollars from Roll Up The Rim donates it to Tim Horton's Research and Development team, so they can come up with some real recyclable cups and our nation can cease being a coffee cup dumpster every year when Roll Up The Rim happens.

Who's with me?

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