If you watched the Grammy's last night, then you probably saw the first trailer for Disney's live-action Aladdin coming out later this year. 

If you didn't, then you should consider yourself lucky if these Twitter reactions are any indication.

According to the internet, Will Smith's CGI-embellished genie is the stuff of nightmares.

While, after the release of the first movie poster, fans had called for the return of the genie's blue skin colour, this does not appear to be what they wanted.

Below are compiled just a few dozen of the funniest Twitter reactions to Smith's terrifying role.

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TL;DR Disney released the first trailer for the live-action 'Aladdin' but Twitter thinks Will Smith's genie is terrifying. Below are compiled the funniest reactions.

Brace yourselves.

Some made fun of the genie.

Others thought the role should have gone to someone else.

Many wished they could erase the image from their memory.

The public seems to have added it to the long list of CGI blunders.

This is unsettling.

There is already an internet folklore emerging about the genie.

"Primal fear" is accurate.

Disney has yet to respond to the internet outcry.

Stay tuned.




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