• Maxime Bernier of the People's Party of Canada has lost his longstanding seat for the riding of Beauce, Quebec.
  • In fact, the PPC failed to win any seats in this year's federal election.
  • Some Canadians are viewing this as a victory unto itself... here are some of the most hilarious Twitter reactions to the news.

As the Liberals celebrate another federal election win, albeit a minority government, other parties have been relegated to giving their concession speeches, and none more notably than People's Party leader Maxime Bernier, who managed to lose the party's only seat.

Bernier had held his seat in the Beauce riding of Quebec since 2006, but couldn't maintain it this year, where Conservative Richard Lehoux has taken over after yesterday's election.

Which perhaps indicates that Beauce has always been a Conservative riding, considering Bernier's place in the Conservative party lasted 12 years, and they maybe never had any intention of following Bernier down his new, right-wing populist path via the new PPC.

In fact, the newly formed party didn't manage a single seat in this election, which could spell disaster for the party going forward. Though Bernier's concession speech spoke of no such thing.

While those small numbers who did vote for the PPC are likely disappointed in the loss, other Canadians have been sharing their... alternative reactions.

And they are absolutely hilarious.

The news that Bernier's People's Party had done so poorly quickly spread throughout the Twittersphere.

And the celebrations were quickly underway for those who felt the party's divisive politics had no place in Canada.

The jokes and memes quickly came pouring in, like this jab from Canadian satire staple, This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

The PPC has been a worrisome presence in this election for many who feared it was a "haven for right-wing fringe elements," after several candidates were "outed for racist or sexist social media posts" and three of the party's founders were found to "have ties to white supremicst groups," according to the Globe and Mail.

Clearly, our girl Kelly Canuck is more than a little pleased that the PPC didn't manage to snag any seats in this year's election.

Though she is not the only one, and many Canadians are celebrating their loss as a rejection of racism, fascism, climate change denial and right-wing extremism.

And there's no denying that this loss is extra sweet (for those who wanted it) when you consider that Bernier had held this seat for so long and with this one decision to move from Conservative to PPC, he lost it.

Which indicates that voters in the area weren't swayed by the PPC's promises or platforms.

Some people were more annoyed that, in the end, we spent so much time as a national community talking about Bernier and his platforms.

Though, it could be said that, if Bernier hadn't become such a talking point, voters may have been tempted to vote for him again, particularly those voters who had done so for so many years.

A well-informed electorate is a prerequisite to democracy, after all.

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Though it seems that perhaps there was some preying on an uninformed electorate... 

Particularly with Parti Rhinoceros candidate Maxime Bernier, who managed to get quite a number of votes in Beauce, where he ran in direct competition with the other Maxime Bernier.

Yes, the memes make it clear that many Canadians could not be more content with this turn of events.

And it is unclear whether the PPC will survive this election and manage to try again next election. Only time will tell.

We can at least be glad that voters in Beauce didn't sully their votes by being tempted to mark their ballots with fleurs de lis or "AWEILLE."

This tweet has nothing to do with Maxime Bernier... it was just too good not to include.

Love you, Newfoundland. Never change.

You, too, Québec. You did good.

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