Even though we lost the Expos 11 years ago, you can't walk down a busy street in Montreal without seeing someone in an Expos hat. And why not? They look awesome! But you have to wonder if everyone else also thinks they look awesome or if we're just bias because of the nostalgia factor.

As it turns out, the Expos hats are pretty popular elsewhere. In fact, they ranked #2 on the list of the of the nicest 1970's baseball caps. The love the author has for the hat can even be felt in the way he talks about it:

"The flowing 'M' succeeds where more angular fonts fail, while the 'e' and 'b' hidden in plain sight make sure 'Expos Baseball' is never forgotten (...) Let's bring it back, let's bring THEM back" 

And to top it all off, he even linked back to a website who's sole purpose is to bring back the Expos. Well done.

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