Our generation is all about hooking up. Nobody wants to love and feel real feelings anymore. This guy I know told me about a girl he's been "seeing" and said something like, "Things were chill and then she started to catch feelings... and I'm not about that life, that's weak, so I flushed her". I'm sorry, what? You "flushed" her because she started falling in love with you? What's wrong with "catching feelings"? Our generation is completely fucked. Here are ten things that confuse the hell out of me and that need to be changed ASAP if we want to be a healthy society.

1. Tinder and other dating apps

Tinder and dating apps in general are known to be used to find casual hookups and not one true love. That's so ridiculous. If we want to stop the hookup culture from spreading, we should start by changing the way we look at these sort of apps. There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking for love and it, by no means, makes you "weak".

2. "Netflix and chill"

"Netflix and chill" is the universal code for "Come over, let's have sex." Guys don't break their heads and think of cute date ideas anymore, they go straight to the point. If "Netflix and chill" invitations are socially acceptable today, what's the dating culture going to look like in ten years from now? Think about it.


"You Only Live Once" excuse is used to advocate all kinds of dumb shit nowadays. Like, yeah, let's get drunk, forget our own names and wake up under a bush! No, that's most definitely not a good idea. Why not read a book instead?

4. Courtship

Old-fashioned courtship is pretty much non-existent. We want instant gratification, we like to "see" different people at the same time, we crave constant excitement with no strings attached. Tell me how is this not fucked up?

5. Casual one-night stands

Casual one-night stands are a norm. Promiscuous behavior is not only common, but also encouraged. I hear stories of 17-18-19 year old girls - that have the brains of a baby turtle - go out and casually hookup with grown ass dudes. Why? Because they think it's cool and it's what everyone else is doing.

6. Friends with benefits

The whole notion of "friends with benefits" is just so messed up. Our generation rejects any kind of emotional attachment. It's not "cool" to feel things or to open up and be vulnerable. Instead, we just seek physical affection and hope that it will fill the void we have inside.

7. Passive men

Guys don't take initiative anymore. Instead, they text you something like, "Hey, wanna chill sometime soon?" No, thanks. Wanna know what's wrong with the previous text? Everything. Text something like this instead, "I made a reservation at this new spot that opened on Notre-Dame. Will pick you up at 7pm, be ready." That's all it takes to sweep a girl off her feet.

8. Sexually aggressive women

Someone commented on one of my articles saying something like, "Irina, why don't you teach girls to be classy ladies?" Well, because our culture is teaching us the opposite. I'll be labeled "old fashioned" and "sexist" if I tell girls not to sleep with guys on the first date or something. We are pretty much forced to be alpha-females. As a result, we become sexually available. This casual approach to sex is playing a huge role in the current hookup culture. We are the root of the problem.

9. Texting

Texting is the most popular form of communication today. It's also the most impersonal form of communication. Calling should totally come back in style. It's so easy to misinterpret what the other person tried to tell us through text. Fighting over text is even more ridiculous.

10. Dating

Let's start dating again! Spending quality time together, having meaningful conversations, holding hands through long walks, watching the sun go down, making out in the rain... Let's bring romance back! It would be so wonderful.

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