• Though Halloween offers tremendous freedom of self-expression, hundreds of misguided and offensive costumes continue to circulate on the market.
  • This is a brief list of offensive Halloween costumes to avoid.
  • This list is by no means exhaustive. Always do research before choosing your Halloween costume.

Halloween is the one time of year where you can let inhibitions go and dress up as whatever you want. You can gorge yourself on candy while looking like a werewolf, it's great. 

While most people opt for dressing up as their favourite superhero or as some kind of pun, some adults still think it's a good idea to dress up in offensive costumes. When kids dress up as something questionable, we only have the parents to blame!

This article contains content that might not be suitable for some readers, including: images of appropriative costumes, images of costumes that mock tragedy and genocide, and discussion of blackface, eating disorders, and sexual harassment.

You spend so much time thinking about what you're going to wear for your costume, might as well spend a few more minutes considering if it is disrespectful to anyone. With one simple Google search, you could find out if your costume idea is inappropriate in any way. Adults really have no excuse for sporting offensive attire in 2019. 

But, here we are! It's expected that you'll see some variation of the following costumes at your Halloween party. If you don't, congratulations, you have some very politically correct friends. 

Without further ado, here are the most offensive Halloween costumes that you shouldn't wear.

Any sort of skin darkening or colouring

I am not looking forward to all the attempts at "Trudeauface" costumes this Halloween. But here's a pro tip: don't do it. 

Sure, it's maybe a little ironic that this is what could derail Trudeau's Prime Ministership, but donning blackface, even in jest, is never funny. 

The Sexy *Insert Cultural Appropriation*

This "snake charmer" costume is both culturally appropriative and makes a sex joke. Two for one deal, score!

But, before you get too excited about wearing this, make sure you aren't white! 

All power to you if you want to pull off a "sexy something" costume, but instead of appropriating a culture, keep it classic and be a sexy cat or something. 

The "What Do You Mean My Dreamcatcher Tattoo Is Racist?"

Sorry to tell you, but yes, it's 2019 and you're still going to see white people dressing up like "Native American warriors."

Look at the embarrassment in that model's eyes. That's what you'll look like if you wear this. 

Here's why you should never do this. 

The "Look I'm In Jail LOL"

If you don't think this is offensive, consider this: Indigenous people are overrepresented in the Canadian correctional system.

Oh, and the SPVM was found to have a "systemic racial bias" when arresting people. So, skip the orange suit idea for your costume.

The White Guy With Dreadlocks

This one is pretty self-explanatory

It's even worse if your dreadlocks are real, my guy. What are you, in a ska band? 

Instead of this, ditch the dreadlocks and wear as much tie-dye as possible and boom, you have yourself a hippie costume. 

The Anne Frank

Yup, a company in 2017 thought it was a good idea to release a "World War II Refugee" costume that was quickly pulled from shelves. 

While you can't buy this anymore, it's simple enough to make a costume along these lines, but just don't do it. 

Really, steer clear of refugee-themed costumes.

The "You Can't Be Funny Because Everyone's Always Offended"

Well, no. You can still be funny, you might just need a better understanding of context. 

"Frank the Flasher" up there is offensive and possibly triggering for a lot of people. If I need to explain why you've already lost. 

The "Trust Me, It's From A Movie!"

Does anyone remember that terrible movie Gods of Egypt that came out a few years ago that starred exactly zero Egyptian people? Yup, that's what I thought. 

Apply the same theory to movies that require you to culturally appropriate something. Like c'mon, there are 1,500 superhero movies you can choose from that aren't offensive.

Get a bunch of friends to dress up as astronauts and boom, you're a Michael Bay movie. Literally anything else! 

The "Tragedy Plus Time Equals Comedy" 

Now, I'm all for a good joke, but there's a huge difference between a good joke and bad taste. 

Tragedy plus time may indeed equal comedy, but try not to make light of terrible tragedies like 9/11 or a school shooting. And don't dress up as Hitler, ok? 

A good option along these lines would be a costume based on Trump's inauguration. Dress up like the Donald and yell nonsense to an empty room. 

The Let's Not Put Any Effort Into It Whatsoever 

Let's break it down here: if your costume mocks an eating disorder, a mental illness, a deathly illness, another gender, or body shames people, ya done goofed. 

Like, at least try, you know?

Are there any other super offensive costumes that I missed?

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.


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