I know the title sounds kind of sexual, which totally makes sense given the usual topics I write about (they're really fucked up), but it's not what you think it is. Basically, as I was doing my research yesterday to find places where celebs hang out when they visit Montreal, I found something really funny and fascinating. P.K. Subban is literally on every picture of every single Montreal restaurant, club, bar or store! Like, if you want to bump into Subban, all you have to do is leave your house - boom, he's outside. That's when you take a photo together and pretend that you're friends. Don't believe me? Here's proof.

A photo posted by Tommy (@tommymontreal) on

Wearing a super low key jersey at Tommy Cafe

A photo posted by Natasha (@tashikinss) on

Restaurant Park has seen a lot of P.K. Subban <3 

Subban showing off his stick at Carrefour Laval. A selfie stick that is.

A photo posted by @mariejoellle on

Spotted at Park Restaurant again

Shopping for eyewear at Harry Toulch Vision

Making new friends at G&G Barbershop

Please read the caption. This lady bumped into Subban twice in one day. Exactly what I'm talking about.

A photo posted by Kim Williams (@kim_wil930) on

Looking fly at École Privée

A photo posted by Kim Williams (@kim_wil930) on

Having a blast next to the water

A photo posted by Ami Alibay (@amialibay) on

Playing poker with a new friend

Smiling at Montreal Children's Hospital

A photo posted by Adrian Holmes (@holmes_ar) on

Just passing by for a quick burger at M:brgr

A photo posted by @vallmercier on

Chilling outside your house

Posing at RW&CO store

A photo posted by Adam Rubin (@arubin75) on

Grabbing a bite at Grinder

Getting a mani at Victoria Park

Bumping into people on the street

A photo posted by Kim Nguyen (@nguyek8) on

Looking fancy at Air Canada lounge

Giving some love at Ferreira Cafe

A photo posted by @sugardi on

Spotted at Buonanotte

READ THE CAPTION! LOL P.K. Subban, you heart breaker you.

A photo posted by DJ Podz (@djpodz) on

DJing at Peopl

Park restaurant again. I can confidently conclude two things: 1) P.K. Subban loves sushi and 2) You can 100% bump into him at restaurant Park.

A photo posted by Martin Rego (@martinrego) on

Chilling at Starbucks

I think you get the point... So here's a last one - smiling at Ritz Carlton Montreal

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