We love our friends, obviously. But, sometimes, they do things that make absolutely no sense and drive us nuts. It's just so ridiculous, that I felt compelled to write this post... I'll share it on my friends' walls and maybe, just maybe, they'll stop doing these things. So here are 10 things that our friends do that make us completely lose our shit. Friends, please don't do these things anymore, okay? Okay.

1. Group text!

Group text might be one of the worst things in the universe. Like when you're in the middle of doing something really important and your phone is going bananas. Generally, your friends talk about something really dumb... like deciding where to go eat for the last three hours. Ugghhhhhhhh!!!

2. When they don't text back right away

Friend duties include answering texts super fast. If it takes them longer than two minutes, there is a huge problem. They cannot take longer than two minutes to answer, because it will make us question our friendship as a whole. Like, are we really even friends?

3. When they ask for advice but never actually listen to it

You know when your friend asks you for boyfriend advice or something, like "Should I just dump him?" and you go, "Yeah, he's an asshole." And you shake hands, but the next day you find out they got back together. Wtf, girl? I thought we had a deal here.

4. When they eat all your food

When your friend comes over and eats all your food... or when you're at a restaurant and they want to try what you've ordered and end up eating half your shit. Not cool.

5. When they forget about you when they start dating someone new

When your friend meets someone new and completely stops hanging out with you... but, but... I thought we were friends?!?!

6. When they like someone you hate

When you share how much you hate someone and your friend says something like, "She's actually a really nice girl." Are you freaking kidding me? You're my friend and you're supposed to hate the same people I hate, okay? Now that I think about it, you're supposed to hate them even more than I hate them, actually.

7. When they call someone else their "best friend"

That awkward feeling when they call someone else their "bestie" and crush all your dreams and hopes. And you just cry a little on the inside and think to yourself, "It's going to be ok... I have other friends I can call my 'best friends'..." But you don't actually have other friends.

8. When they set up the worst double dates ever

When your friend drags you to a double date and the person who's supposed to be your match ends up being a complete disaster. As a rule of thumb, remember this - if your friend asks you to go on a double date, just know that you'll always get the uglier person. Always.

9. When they're being party poopers

You know that feeling when you're super pumped at a party and your friend just wants to leave. Worst. Feeling. Ever. You ask them to stay for five more minutes and they just roll their eyes. Can we always be on the same vibe, please?

10. When they don't laugh at your jokes

When your friend doesn't laugh at your joke, even if it's not that good of a joke, it's the worst form of betrayal. To give you an idea of how bad the problem is, it's pretty much the equivalent of when Scar killed Mufasa in the Lion King. Yeah, it's that bad.

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