You know how we get stuck in the traditional male/female roles in a relationship... like the woman cooking and cleaning, while a guy is outside fixing his car. Well, some relationships don't fit the classic mold. Sometimes, the guy is the crazy and needy one, while the girl is rational and collected. It happens and it's totally fine. I know couples where girls legitimately have more balls than their hubbies. I'm not saying it's wrong or anything, I'm just saying that it does exist. On that note, here are 10 signs you have more balls than your boyfriend.

1. You're the less emotional one

He always wants to talk about feelings... Like, "How would you feel if I didn't text you all day? I bet you wouldn't like that!" And you just want to get laid and order some pizza.

2. He has more skincare products than you

Anti-wrinkle creams, face scrubs, clay masks... He likes to take care of his skin, what's wrong with that?

3. He is scared of spiders

He cringes at the sight of random insects around the house. That's when you come and save your man from being attacked by a spider. You're his super woman.

4. He is really close with his mom

He's a real momma's boy. She literally knows every single detail about your relationship. He talks to his mom at least twice a day. At least.

5. You always go dutch

He never ever pays for anything, but you don't really mind it.

6. He's into yoga

He loves to talk about how yoga has changed his life. Like, it's good for both your mind and your body. He's also actively trying to convert you to yoga. You're more into boxing though.

7. You're the BBQ master

You make sick steaks on the BBQ! He does the dishes. Team work, baby.

8. He cries for no reason

He cries every single time he watches The Notebook, his favorite movie of all time. It is a good movie though, come on.

9. You're the one who initiates sex

You're so DTF, it doesn't make any sense. Like, he's usually the one who feels tired and just wants to cuddle.

10. He always texts you first

Always! Good morning and/or good night texts are a must. He also expects them from you and you just don't get it. You're more into "Sup dude, let's get smashed tonight" kind of texts.

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