Today, hundreds of thousands of students around the world are taking to the streets to protest governments' lack of action on climate change. The movements are asking governments to take climate change more seriously.

The march coincides with increasingly alarming reports about climate change and its imminent effects on our societies. From rising rates of skin cancer due to holes in the ozone to reports that oceans that will contain more plastic than fish in 40 years, the damaging effects of climate change are impossible to ignore.

But many are calling the optimistic youth out for looking for an excuse to skip school and argue that protesting won't change a thing. However, the widespread news coverage of the event proves that people are listening. And young people today are genuinely concerned about the environment and scared for their future should governments continue to refuse to make changes.

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TL;DR This selection of tweets and comments proves that some people still don't get the urgency of the climate problem and the importance of the climate change movement.

Many people are arguing that this protest is a waste of time, or too self-evident:

"Instead of protesting they could clean up somewhere and take action... I wonder how much trash they will leave behind, or how many cars will be jammed in traffic for longer thanks to them."

Not that cleaning up is a bad idea, but I think we need a little more than that to actually reverse the damage we're doing to our planet. Incentives for using reusable containers and bags or carbon taxes, for example.

"A manifestation for the climate? For the planet... Who is against the climate? C'mon.. instead of protesting, I would like to see the patronising students showing me what concrete actions they are taking..."

Because protesting isn't a concrete action? Better than complaining behind a computer screen...

Other commenters see this an excuse to skip school:

Unfortunately, many people would rather stay home and make fun of those who are trying to take a stand for what they believe in.

Climate change is everyone's problem, and whether you are going to protest or not we need to make concrete changes to our consumption habits. Consume less, reuse products, and demand better from your elected representatives.

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