• Below are listed 12 unusual items you can actually buy at Costco Canada locations and the online store in Quebec.
  • Famous for its bulk supplies and deals, Costco Canada has a seemingly endless supply of goods for every need.
  • From caskets to toilets to engagement rings, these strange products offer the same high quality and affordable price that have made Costco a fixture in popular culture.

Costco Canada is famous for its deals, bulk supplies of food, and towers of common household goods. But dig a little deeper and customers will find some more unusual (though nonetheless useful) offerings.

Deep in the bowels of the seemingly endless Costco online store are hilariously practical products like caskets and emergency supplies of food. Each of these delivers the same bundle of high quality and affordable price that has made Costco a consumer favourite.

So the next time you need to meal plan for an impending apocalypse or impress the love of your life with the engagement ring of their dreams, look no further than your local Costco.

For this list, we looked at items that are only available either in-store or online at Costco in Quebec. Moreover, some of these items are only available for pick-up at Costco locations in Montreal.

Included with each item is a link to its sale page on the Costco website.

We reached out to Costco Canada for comment on some of its more bizarre items but have yet to receive a response. We will update this article if Costco gets back to us!

Happy shopping!


This stunning white casket with gold details and rose decals retails for just $1,399. According to the Costco website, "this casket comes with a full rubber gasket seal and," terrifyingly, a "locking mechanism as well as a time capsule for personalization" — you know, just in case a fit of nostalgia motivates someone to dig it up one day.

This inside of this casket is extra wide for "added comfort" and "comes with an adjustable bed."

Note that "Acts of God, weather-related conditions and states of emergencies can delay delivery beyond the stated delivery parameters."

There is only a single, rave review for this item on the Costco Canada website: "Highly recommend this casket, grandpa had no complaints. Rest In Peace."

Purchase it here!

A $6,499 supply of emergency food

Feeling antsy about the impending climate crisis? Stock up with this $6,500 supply of emergency food supplies. We did the math: these 12,060 servings will last about 11 years for a single person who eats three meals/day.

"With 11 top quality flavourful and easy-to-prepare varieties in each pail, you can forget the hassle of creating an emergency meal plan for your family," says the Costco website.

Purchase it here!

96 servings of scrambled eggs

While we're on the topic of bulk supplies of food, take a look at this $269 supply of scrambled eggs "with bacon."

This is perfect for any avid mountaineers but even more perfect for a doomsdayer with an egg craving.

Purchase it here!

Doomsday safe

This safe is unusual for its scale and the intensity of its defences. The 63.5 x 183 x 102cm tank can withstand 648.9 °C heat and has a built-in alarm system. All for only $1,800.

The perfect spot to store your coveted buckets of scrambled eggs (with bacon) in the case of a food-scarce apocalypse.

Purchase it here!



You won't be fending off any foes with this $180 blade, it's specifically for opening bottles of champagne.

Purchase it here!

A $35,000 Engagement Ring

Costco is of course known for savings, but there's no need to skimp on your next gesture of eternal love. 

"Costco makes purchasing quality jewellery easy by offering only the industry's highest quality diamonds at the lowest possible price," its website states.

Purchase it here!

Montreal Canadiens Forum Seat

This seat from the old arena at the Forum is signed by Jean Beliveau. Its price is a whopping $1,400.

Purchase it here!

A Light-Up Bidet Toilet Seat That Comes With A Travel Kit

File this under unusual items you didn't know you needed! This heated bidet toilet seat glows with a soothing blue light and even includes a drying function! You can operate the seat with a remote that "knows which side is facing you. That way you don’t have to worry about activating features that you don’t need."

I recommend the bubble wash for, as the Costco website states, "a more invigorating wash experience."

It comes with a handy travel kit so you can imitate the seat's gentle fountain wherever you go!

All this for only $550!

Reviewers remark that the seat is high quality in its design and materials and great for people living with intestinal problems.

Purchase it here!

Moose Urine

Hunters make use of the pheromones in urine to attract prey. But the one review points to...erm... alternative uses: "It taste [sic] good and it’s bad for you to eat but it’s really yummy for my tummy."

Please, do not drink this product.

Purchase it here!

Helicopter Tour Of Toronto

For only $80, you can zoom through the sky above Toronto, flying "eye-to-eye with the pod of the CN Tower" and along the shore of Lake Ontario.

Who knew this experience was only a click away at Costco?

Purchase it here!

A 25 kg Jug of Maple Syrup

Ideal for any Canadian doomsday kit. In total, there are 66,150 calories in this jug.

Purchase it here!

6" Music-Playing Nutcracker

This enormous nutcracker plays 8 different Christmas songs, though it's unclear if it's the one singing. It may even come to life if you believe hard enough.

Purchase it here!

What are your favourite Costco products?

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