[This article is for satirical purposes only]

I want you to be honest right now, have you ever lied to your significant other? Of course you have. Everyone lies on a daily basis without even realizing it sometimes. It became almost an impulse. Some lies are not acceptable, others are. Today, I'd like to talk to you about the only circumstances when it's actually acceptable to lie to your better half. Yes, there are certain conditions that make it OK to lie. Surprised? You shouldn't be. Keep on reading.

When they look like sh*t

Your bae is tired and looking like crap? The best thing to do here is tell them they look amazing. They always look amazing. Let's face it, we love them for who they are, not what they look like. A little white lie will in this case will put a smile on their face and warm their heart.

When they fail at something they were working really hard at

Were they trying to lose weight? Or maybe they were learning a new skill, like playing a musical instrument or cooking? Then once you witness their progress, you realize that they still suck... Tell them, "Babe, you've done some amazing progress, I'm so proud of you!" It will make you and your better half feel wonderful.

When they ask for your opinion on something they love

Maybe they love a movie or a sports team? Even if you're indifferent to their strong feelings about something, support them anyway. Tell them their favourite sports team is the best! Ask them about their beloved movie and watch it with them afterwards.

When they complain about their parents/family

Never ever insult or say anything bad about their family even if you hear them say something like, "I hate my mom!" The worst thing you can do here is answer, "Yeah, she's a real bitch." They will eventually get over their family issues, but that comment you made will get stuck with them forever. If you don't particularly like their family, refrain from any type of comments or say something positive instead.

When they ask you why you're late

You're late for a date or any other commitment you promised you wouldn't be late for? It's ok, it happens. What shouldn't happen is telling them why you're late. Were you stuck on Facebook for way too long? Or maybe your friend passed by and you had a few beers together? Just tell them you were stuck in traffic, it will save you a lot of headache.

When they ask you if they're the best you ever had

You tell them YES!!! Always. 

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