Taxi and Ubers are having a bit of a feud. Taxis were pissed off because they spent all this money on their permits and then magically, overnight anyone with a car could do what they do. First the taxi drivers were in denial and figured this was a just a gimmick that would fade away. When that didn't happen, they asked the city to step in. When that didn't help, they threatened legal action. But none of that made a difference and now it looks like Uber cars are here to stay.

Some taxi drivers accuse the Uber cars of "stealing" their customers and have even resorted to egging them, but if a customer specifically calls for an Uber car, was it really the taxi's client in the first place?

Some say this is a good thing because now taxis will have to improve their service in order to keep their clients, other say it's unfair and that Uber should be illegal.

What about you?

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