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Alright, so here’s the problem. It has recently come to the attention of the people of Canada that GST is charged on feminine hygiene products. Now before you roll your eyes and click away, hold the fuck up. This may not seem like a big deal to some of you out there, but just give me a minute to explain why it is.

Feminine hygiene products, more commonly known as tampons, pads diva/moon cups, have a tax on them because they are considered to be a luxury product. Which in itself is a ridiculous statement. I mean I don’t know about other people out there who experience the joy of menstruation, but I find the experience far from luxurious. It’s so glamorous walking to the bathroom with a tampon up your sleeve in hopes of not offending anyone, or lying in bed debilitated by cramps.

And to give you an idea of what the government does NOT consider a luxury product (meaning they are exempt from the GST) the list includes dried tobacco, chocolate chips and cocktail cherries.And to top it all off, since menstruating individuals spend a whopping $519,976,963.00 on tampons etc. that means the Canadian Government is collecting around 36 mil in GST profits.

In case you were wondering, the appropriate response to this information is in fact "Aw hell no."

This is undeniably sexist. I am not going to continued to be taxed for a biological function that me and HALF of the population have no choice in performing. I am not ashamed of my period and neither should the government, but this tax makes me think that they are. The tax on tampons is just another way inequality is still evident, and profiting in our society.

So Montreal. Since we fancy ourselves a progressive city, it’s time to take action. There is a petition on to abolish the tampon tax. So mosy yourselves over to the link provided and stop the madness. It’s about damn time anyways.

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