You probably heard this a lot, "I'm a social smoker. I only smoke when I drink." Let me tell you something about these girls. They're the best! You probably know a few girls that call themselves "social smokers." And you should totally consider dating them. Why? I'll explain in just a moment. So, without further ado, here are ten reasons why you should date the girl who only smokes when she drinks.

1. They're extroverts

Social smokers love to be around people, laugh and have conversations. They're social butterflies and you love them for it!

2. They love to have fun

Girls who only smoke when they drink are always in the middle of the action. Yes, they can take it easy and binge watch Netflix sometimes, but being out and about is definitely their main area of interest.

3. They like to be spontaneous

These girls can give in to internal impulses and make irrational decisions just because they feel like it. Why the hell not? Living life shouldn't always be calculated. That's what makes life fun.

4. They enjoy getting a little wild

If you never did anything crazy, you've been living life wrong, my friend. Well, these girls definitely enjoy getting a little wild sometimes ;). This makes dating them so much more fun.

5. They're friendly

Social smokers are extremely friendly. Remember, they never have cigs on them. So they have to bum smokes from people, sometimes people they don't even know. This requires good social skills and friendliness, obviously.

6. They can let loose and enjoy the moment

Following the rules and constantly doing all the right/appropriate things is no fun. Letting loose and living it up a little is what makes the best stories. Oh, and, these girls have tons of fascinating stories! Don't believe me? Ask them.

7. They're not judgmental

Girls who only smoke when they drink hear all kinds of comments like, "There's no such thing as a social smoker, you ARE a smoker!" Oh, please... As a consequence, live and let live is their life motto. They will never judge you for your past, present or future choices. Ever.

8. They know all the cool people

Since these girls enjoy going out, socializing and bonding over bad habits, they know all the other cool cats with similar interests. In addition, everyone knows that to make it in this world, you have to know a lot of people. These girls have very extended social circles, for sure.

9. They're the perfect balance

Between a health freak who's never touched a cigarette and an extreme chain smoker there is a perfect balance. It's the girl who only smokes when she drinks.

10. They're drinkers?!

Um, the fact that they actually enjoy alcoholic beverages makes them fun! They can probably tolerate alcohol pretty well too. So they're your perfect party buddies.

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