In order to motivate his neighbours and help them stay active in this time of containment, a Mont-Saint-Hilaire resident recently organized an outdoor group training session. A video of the class shows the entire neighbourhood out in the street exercising while maintaining appropriate distance from each other. It's exactly the kind of energy the world needs right now.

Jean Hébert, who has worked as a Zumba teacher for several years, took the initiative to offer a free class to the residents of rue des Sittelles on Saturday, April 4, at around 1:00 p.m.

Using a trailer as a stage and setting up speakers to blast music, Jean set fire to the neighbourhood as everyone participated in the project with great enthusiasm.

On his profile available on, Hébert explains, "I love offering Zumba classes. The reason is simple: each session is like a big party!"

The video, published by his neighbour Mireille Bourgeois, shows a party, indeed.

Unfortunately for the dedicated coach, it was the first and last such event to take place on Sittelles, as Mireille says: "The police came [because of] the noise, [the] complaints [came] from the other streets."

The neighbourhood has obtained the necessary permission from the city, however.

Its official Facebook account even promoted the event.

In fact, not everyone seems to agree with the complaints.

Comments in support of the event abound under the original Facebook post.

"It was a great idea and you were all well distanced from each other, too bad the police came to stop it. It must have been good for the morale of your neighbours," wrote one commenter.

If John's energy made you want to take up Zumba, he should certainly be back in action when the confinement order is lifted.

Until then, you'll have to be patient and make do with the few videos available on YouTube to motivate yourself.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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