From being part of the final act for "One World: Together At Home" to sharing emotional videos with her fans, Céline Dion has been doing everything in her power to keep us inspired right now. And the queen has just done it again. Dion released a behind the scenes video of her boogying to her song "Nobody's Watching," and it couldn't have been posted at a better time.

To no one's surprise, the fashion icon rocked one hell of an outfit during her studio session. It goes without saying that Dion's unique style is pretty hard to beat.

If you're wondering why I referred to "Nobody's Watching" as the ultimate quarantine bop, well it's because the lyrics put into words what so many of us are living right now.

In my mind, I'm thinking Céline released this behind the scenes video to remind us all that right now is our chance to dance like nobody's watching and wear what we wanna wear — as the lyrics go.

In the video, she sways to the music while holding her coffee (or at least that's what I'm assuming it is) up high. How relatable?

Her choice to bust out a fur coat while at the studio reminds me a whole lot of the fashion shows I know so many of us have been putting on for ourselves during the last few weeks.

No need to deny it.


And now, you've got the soundtrack to go with your next one!

The words "I wanna dance, dance, dance, dance, dance like nobody's watching" will definitely be on repeat in my head for the rest of the day... Or the rest of the week.


If that video wasn't enough to lift your spirits a little, I'm sure this one will.

Oh, what I would do to be seeing our Québécoise queen live right now!

But of course, as our moms have all told us, patience is a virtue.


With everything going on in the world right now, at least we know we have Céline and her quirky self to keep us entertained!

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