• In his latest moment of viral internet fame, Quebec Public Health Director Dr. Horacio Arruda showed us how to flatten the curve — literally.
  • The video captures the quirky character that has endeared the doctor to so many Quebec residents.

Quebec Public Health Director Dr. Horacio Arruda is a precious resource and guiding light during this time of crisis. The expressive, wide-eyed doctor appears almost every day with Premier Legault to reiterate important health guidelines and crack an endearing joke or two along the way. Largely unknown just a month ago, Arruda has quickly become a central figure in Quebec residents' daily lives.

In his latest moment of viral internet fame, he showed us how to flatten the curve — literally.

Using one arm to demonstrate the potential upward trajectory of the number of infections in the province, the doctor then began to describe the effects of the government's regulations to slow the spread of the virus, intervening with the other arm to spiritedly beat down the curve.

"So, basically, what I'm telling you is that we know we're going to have cases. You can't expect that there won't be people who will die and that we won't have more cases," he explained at a Sunday press conference.

"But the speed at which we're increasing is slowing down. Then the more we spread it out [...] the longer it's going to take to get there."

"When it's very accelerated, there's a peak, and then there's not really a plateau. When you flatten it, well, you're going to have a plateau," spreading out the number of cases over time so that health care facilities remain at or below capacity.

The moment became an almost instant meme, demonstrating both the importance of flattening the curve as well as the quirky character that has made Arruda a household name.

The government, for its part, is seemingly encouraged by the doctor's popularity, even using him in an equally viral PSA about masks.

"To share on social media," Legault perhaps winkingly captioned the video.

The few glimpses we have of his private life are just as sweet as you'd expect.

He once hinted that he enjoys making Portuguese pastel de natas on the weekend, prompting hundreds to ask for his recipe.

Stay tuned for more Arruda antics.

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