When a journalist asked Dr. Horacio Arruda about the controversy surrounding a viral video of him dancing to Québécois rapper Rod le Stod's song Oragio during a press conference, it brought him to tears. The video, which the rapper described as "the confinement dance," received a large volume of backlash. And, Dr. Arruda apologized for any harm he could have caused someone watching it. 

After hearing that the rapper donated proceeds from the videos to Refuge des Jeunes de Montréal and that the organization responded saying it didn't want any association with it, the doctor said he immediately called to apologize.

Dr. Arruda promised to everyone during the press conference that he both didn't make this video with any bad intentions and was unaware that the rapper would involve Refuge des Jeunes de Montréal with it.

"For me, statistics are persons, are families. And never I wanted to insult anybody on this," he said.

Then, Arruda told Quebecers he would no longer be making humorous videos for them.

"I always have been myself. I'm here as I am, but I will stop those kinds of videos… everything because people are using it against my credibility and my commitment."

Dr. Arruda's apology during the press conference begins around 1:18:00 in the video below.

During his apology, he explains that he "receive[s] a lot of charming things coming to [him], letters, emails, some... most of them are very kind, some are insulting. And [he] respond[s] to everybody."

Here is the video that the doctor apologized for helping create:

Under his YouTube post, the rapper wrote that all funds collected from the video would be "donated to an organization helping homeless youth in Montreal."

To this, Dr. Arruda explained that when discussing the video together, Rod le Stod asked him if there was a cause he held dear to his heart.

"I talk[ed] about youth, people on the streets, youth people... Because I've got three kids, and they've got the chance to be not in this situation. And I'm always, I would say, very sensitive to the youth situation of Québec," the doctor said.

It is for this reason that the Québécois rapper chose to donate the proceeds to Refuge des Jeunes de Montréal, but the organization wanted nothing to do with the video.

"In our opinion, the time to broadcast this video has not yet come," the Executive Director of the organization wrote in a Facebook post.

It seems as though the organization is not upset about the video itself, simply that it was not contacted beforehand.

To which Dr. Arruda said he was also unaware of.

A spokesperson for Refuge des Jeunes de Montréal posted the following message on Twitter.

"As far as I'm concerned, our good Dr. Horacio can dance all he wants to, it makes me happy."

But, it seems as though he won't be dancing anymore...

At least not on video for all Quebecers to see.

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