• After catching a cold and postponing some tour dates, Céline Dion broke her short social media silence to share a message of encouragement with her fans.
  • The COVID-19 outbreak comes amid a difficult year for the Québécoise superstar.

Celebrities across the U.S. and Canada are answering the call to support social distancing and precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. And for the first time since catching a cold and postponing some concerts, our queen Céline Dion is sharing a message with her fans and followers, asking them to stay safe and have each other's backs. After a longer-than-usual silence on social media, the superstar says she's home with her family and claims to be taking "the necessary precautions to stay healthy."

"I hope you are all taking good care of yourselves and each other during this very difficult time," she states.

She goes out of her way to sympathize with those who are ill or who have lost friends and family to the virus.

Her "thoughts and prayers" are with people who are "facing hardships as a result of this drastic situation."

"I wish you strength and courage, and I hope that positive news and progress will return our lives back to normal sooner rather than later."

Hoping her followers "find peace and comfort in music," she concludes her message by encouraging everyone to "be kind to each other, look after each other… we’re all in this together!"

The outbreak comes during a difficult year for Céline. 

In the fall, illness forced her to postpone her first Montreal tour dates. Then, in January, she lost her mother Thérèse, who was affectionately known in Quebec as "Maman Dion."

After a triumphant return to her tour and newfound meme fame, she once again became ill.

Though she tested negative for COVID-19, she had to postpone 14 North American tour dates.


Céline is not the only A-lister speaking out and trying to send hope through social media.

Celebrities in both the U.S. and Canada have taken to the internet to share love with their fans and encourage them to follow the precautions outlined by health officials.

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot shared this beautiful message on her Instagram with the help of many familiar faces.

In Quebec, Premier François Legault asked local influencers and celebrities to help promote social distancing and hygienic practices.

He got dozens of responses, including this catchy tune from Coeur de Pirate.

Stay tuned for more news.


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