Over the past week or so, Montrealers have decided to draw rainbows and place them in their windows. They're usually accompanied by the message ça va bien aller, which translates to "it's going to be alright." These colourful rainbows are meant to make people feel connected during our time of social distancing. And it seems that many Montreal health care workers have jumped on the trend and are now posting photos with rainbows while at their jobs.

Such drawings and paintings began by making our neighbourhood walks more colourful, and now they're providing our social media platforms with uplifting messages.

Many individuals are stepping up during this difficult time, but a special thanks must go out to all of the earth-angels that work in health care. These brave individuals have been fighting every day to help us get our lives back to normal.

There have been a ton of hospital workers who have gone to social media to share messages of hope and encouragement. And we'd like to thank their smiling faces for brightening up our feeds.

These incredible workers have families of their own. They are parents, children, siblings, friends, and spouses. We are all asked to stay home during this trying time, as they go to work to help flatten the curve

Many employees from different sectors at the CHUM have participated in the rainbow and ça va bien aller trend.

Some hospital rooms even have rainbows on their windows, just like many Montreal homes now do.

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Some health care workers have found original ways of displaying rainbows.

And, some have even decorated the hospital in rainbows.

The rainbows themselves radiate hope.


Their messages remind us that it is important to stay home.

Just as the Government of Quebec continuously reminds us that we must follow the health guidelines given to us, in order to flatten the curve. 

You can see above that the Children's Hospital started spreading the message of hope in its building as well! 

These brave and hard-working individuals have gone to work for us, and we cannot thank them them enough for doing so.

We appreciate all the hard work and dedication that everyone working in the health care industry has done. 

Thank you to all health care workers and everyone else currently on the front line of this battle.

Your bravery, compassion, dedication, and positivity have not gone unnoticed!

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