Liberal candidate Karen Wang has resigned, according to the CBC and several posts on Twitter. 

Her decision to step down from the race in Burnaby, BC is likely a result of comments she made about her opponent, NDP candidate Jagmeet Singh.

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TL;DR Liberal candidate Karen Wang is no longer running as the Liberal by-election candidate for Burnaby South after online comments online were perceived as racist and politically divisive. 

The drama began after Wang made a post on the site

The site is a Chinese messaging and social media service with over a billion monthly users.

On the site, she was quoted as saying,

“If we can increase the voting rate, as the only Chinese candidate in this riding, if I can garner 16,000 votes I will easily win the byelection, control the election race and make history! My opponent in this byelection is the NDP candidate Singh of Indian descent!”

The post was made originally in Chinese, the above is a translation provided by the Toronto Star.

Wang responded to the backlash by expressing regret for her choice of words and apologizing to Singh.

Despite the apology, many individuals felt she may still be out of line with Liberal politics. People began calling on Trudeau to condemn the Liberal hopeful and her campaign approach that undermined the anti-divisive politics that Trudeau has been championing in his recent town halls.

So far there has been no public statement from Wang, herself, or Trudeau for that matter. Although, it is possible that her decision to resign was ushered in by some higher-ups in the Liberal party.

As for Jagmeet Singh, it appears he is now without a Liberal opponent in what was a fiercely contested riding.

Stay tuned.



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