One of the best parts about living in Montreal is the fact that we have so many amazing parks in the middle of our buzzing metropolis. Sometimes when I immerse myself in the greenery, I find myself forgetting I'm even in a big city. Because aside from adding some nature among the concrete jungle, they're great places to relax and take a breather. And because there are so many parks, there are lots of Montreal apartments for rent that are within walking distance to a green space.

If you're lucky enough, you'll find a little gem with a view of one of Montreal's magnificent public spaces — bringing a part of the greenery into your own home.

Since I know that I'm not alone in my love of these little slices of nature (I see hundreds of my fellow-park-goers on my daily stroll!), I get the feeling I'm also not the only Montrealer who considers how close I live to one a top priority when looking for an apartment.

Take a look at these beautiful apartments for rent right now that are as beautiful as their nearby parks.

Note that these listings are subject to change and may be removed.

2-Bedroom Near Parc Gadbois

Price: $1,550/month

This bright two-bedroom in Saint Henri is not only close to Parc Gadbois, but also to the canal. Plus, Saint Henri, itself, is one of the brightest and boldest parts of the city.

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4-Bedroom With A Rooftop View Of The Mountain

Price: $3,550/month

This gorgeous apartment is fully furnished and is in an amazing location. Not only is it close to the mountain, but has a breathtaking view from the rooftop terrasse.

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1-Bedroom Near Parc Lafontaine

Price: $1,440/month

On the far side of the park is this adorable one-bedroom. Dogs (and cats) are also allowed, so you've got your doggie-walks covered.

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2-Bedroom Near Parc Maisonneuve

Price: $1,500/month

This apartment is just blocks from the Olympic Stadium and Parc Maisonneuve. It's got an open-space concept, probably inspired by the park, itself.

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2-Bedroom Near Mount Royal & Parc Jeanne-Mance

Price: $1,800/month

This four-bedroom in the Milton-Parc neighbourhood couldn't be more ideally located, just a few blocks from Mount Royal, Parc Jeanne-Mance, the heart of the Plateau, and downtown.

It's also beautifully finished and comes with a fireplace for warming up after those cooler park walks. 

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2-Bedroom Near Two Parks In Westmount

Price: $1,500/month

Westmount is home to some of Montreal Island's most amazing houses. And the apartments aren't bad either.

This listing is around the corner from the beautifully landscaped Westmount Park, giving you the best of the nearby downtown core and of the quiet, suburban life.

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1-Bedroom Near Parc Jeanne-Mance

Price: $1,275/month

This unbelievable spot comes furnished, is beautifully finished, and has big windows. And for even more sunshine, head over to Parc Jeanne-Mance, less than a five-minute walk away.

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See you in the parks!

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