Montreal has a well-earned reputation for affordable rent, especially compared to the country's other major cities. In fact, according to a report from Padblogger, an apartment rental and lifestyle website, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Montreal in July was $1,440. That puts our rent on par with smaller, sleepier communities such as Kelowna, Ottawa, and Oshawa.  

Meanwhile, the average rent in Toronto was a savings account-destroying $2,100 and in Vancouver, it was $2,070.  

How can this be? How can you rent a penthouse in the Paris of North America for the price of a crawlspace in Blandcouver or Hogtown? Is there something in the water? Does this town have a weird smell that we've all grown accustomed to?  

Au contraire, mon ami. It turns out, according to multiple sources, that a potent combination of political flux, quirky demographics, idiosyncratic urban planning, and good old-fashioned left-wing politics have kept the evils of gentrification at bay — for now.  

So, here are a few Montreal apartments for rent under $1,000 that are a lot nicer than you'd expect.  

Large 3.5 By The Botanical Garden

Price: $975/month

From the balcony of this spacious apartment, tenants can enjoy views of the Botanical Garden and Olympic Stadium.

The updated kitchen has plenty of storage space.

View the listing here.

Bright & Beautiful Studio Apartment Near Snowdon

Price: $975/month

These large-windowed units come with a fridge, stove, washer/dryer, dishwasher, and A/C. Indoor parking will cost you an extra $175 per month.

Hot water is included in the price, which is nice.

View the listing here.

Studio Next To Little Italy

Price: $950/month

This apartment's most attractive feature is its location — squarely between the Mile End, Parc-Ex, and Little Italy.

The interior has been renovated with modern finishings.

View the listing here.

Amenity-Full Building On Côte-Vertu

Price: $975/month  

This beautiful apartment is located on Côte-Vertu within walking distance of a number of parks, schools, and other attractions, according to the listing.

The building also comes equipped with a playground and swimming pool.

View the listing here

Pet-Friendly Apartment On Île Des Sœurs

Price: $949/month

You can live near the banks of the Saint Lawrence River near a plethora of green spaces and parks in this lovely little walk-up on Île des Sœurs.  

Located just 15 minutes from downtown and close to grocery stores, banks, and schools (and soon to be REM station), this place is a real gem.  

View the listing here.

Downtown Studio Apartment

Price: $925/month  

This beautiful apartment is located on boulevard de Maisonneuve, one of the most happening areas in Montreal and within walking distance from just about everything.  

It's right across the street from the John Molson School of Business and the Guy-Concordia metro station, and it comes with a private balcony that'll give you all the views!  

View the listing here.

Studio Apartment In Milton-Parc

Price: $900/month

Situated in the heart of Milton-Parc, this functional studio apartment with a view of the downtown skyline is close to shops, restaurants, rue Prince-Arthur, Place des Arts, and the nightlife of boulevard Saint-Laurent. 

View the listing here.

3.5 By Parc La Fontaine

Price: $975/month

This pad is one block from the northeast corner of Parc La Fontaine.

It has a sizeable balcony off a bright and snug kitchen and living space.

View the listing here.

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