• Have you ever dreamed of living in Montreal's iconic Habitat 67?
  • If the answer is yes, now's your chance — there's a vacant apartment up for sale in the building.
  • See photos from the listing below!

If you're an architecture lover, you're going to appreciate this information. There is currently a vacant apartment in the architectural wonder that is Habitat 67, which is basically every Montreal local's dream spot to live in. The vacant apartment is made up of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and one powder room, and has enough windows to ensure constant sunlight inside your home.

Looking out these windows, you get a perfect panoramic view of the city we all love so much.

If this were to become your future home, you'd be residing in #512. You'd have no neighbours in the back, which is a plus if you're concerned about privacy.

Constructed in 1967, as its name suggests, you can imagine that the walls and windows have seen Montreal's growth more than some of us have.

Located in the Ville-Marie borough, it also comes with a garage — in case you're one of those downtowners who somehow doesn't hate driving in the city.

Just in case my words aren't convincing enough, I've provided some of the photos from the listing below.

The one downfall (since there's always something) is that the apartment is selling for $1,310,000 — and I'm not sure how many of us have that kind of pocket change lying around.

Regardless, we're all going to have to keep saving a little extra since we know Montreal has been seeing major rent increases, and will likely continue to.

One of the two real estate brokers responsible for this property, Robert Stephen Lefebvre, told MTL Blog in an email that "the owner completely renovated the 3 cubes that compose [Unit # 512].

"And, in so doing, wanted, and managed, to keep and restore the original 'parqueterie' floors."

A job well done, if I do say so myself.

"He also wanted to give a modern touch to the renovations by conciliating the concrete and the steel, that is some walls were put to the concrete and the staircase was stripped to its original colour," Mr. Lefebvre continued.

"Also, and not the least, he added on part of the terrace a gorgeous 4 Season Solarium, which is used as a dining room, which can be a very romantic setting with candelabres and a snow storm outside."

I must say Mr. Lefebvre paints a perfect picture — who wouldn't want to watch snowflakes fall while enjoying a candlelit dinner from this room?

Did I forget to mention that one of the two bathrooms has a jacuzzi bathtub?

I'm sure all the pictures have you understanding why it's going for over a million dollars...

So, if you want to get a little closer to being able to afford such a living space, take a look at our list of current Montreal jobs that are hiring with salaries of $100,000.

Until then, enjoy the window shopping!

You can see the full listing here.

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