There's nothing like scrolling through Quebec real estate to help motivate me to start saving up all of my money. Since staying home is now the new going out, I'm here to show you a lavish mansion for sale in the province that would make social distancing easy. Located in the town of Lachute, this property is one of those dream homes that you've most likely only seen in movies.

Not only does this massive home have an outdoor pool, a home theatre, and its own bar, but its impressive wine cellar has the potential of being the coolest hangouts in all of Quebec. 

Basically, you'd never have to leave the house if you lived here.

Built on a 24,091-foot lot, this mansion is listed at just under $800,000.

It's restored architecture includes four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a gym, and two lounges that look fit for royalty.

There's even a really cool attic, with a ton of potential to do whatever you want with!

This home is a dream property and whoever becomes the lucky new owners should expect to be throwing a lot of get-togethers, as this is definitely a home that is made to be enjoyed. 


This mansion is seeping with charm and charisma.

Even as a giant house, it somehow manages to still have a warm and cozy vibe to it.

The large property makes for a ton of potential to build whatever you've always dreamt of having next to your house.

Its outdoor pool looks fit for the Olympics.


And it's equipped with a pretty swanky pool house. 

The wine cellar holds 950 bottles, which means you're set for life.

It's easily the room I would use most...

And, for less than $800,000, all of this can be all yours!

If you've got that kind of cash, of course.

You can check the full listing out here.

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