"Want to go to Tremblant this weekend?" is about to take on a whole new meaning. Everybody loves heading up north to a resort on the famous mountain, but what if you could do more than just go to a Tremblant resort — what if you could practically own one?

Imagine being in one of the most spectacular places in the whole province in one of the most exquisite properties on the mountain. So exquisite that it's actually a castle.

That's right — a castle.

Listed at $21,999,066, this property is known as "The Château Fleur de Lys," inspired by another famous Quebec château, the world-famous Château Frontenac.

And it's very proud of its Quebec kingdom. It has many details paying homage to la belle province, including beams made of Quebec pine and a façade of stones from Lac Champlain.

Of course, you can see fleur de lys all over the property.

But just how many guests can you have in your private chalet?

This house has a whopping eight bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and 17 fireplaces.

And just what are you going to be doing when your house is filled with all of your friends?

Not to worry, it also has a gym, a spa, a home theatre, four and a half dining areas, a walk-in fridge, a bar and wine cellar, a prep kitchen, a loggia pizza kitchen, and five washers and dryers... You know, just in case.

Now, it's no secret that that mountains in Quebec aren't just for the winter — they're amazing in the summer, too. And Tremblant is no exception.

Even in the summer, the property offers breathtaking sights of the mountain, the forest, and the lake.

Every bedroom has a panoramic view, each more spectacular than the next.

"Alright," you may be thinking. "That's great and all, but can you imagine furnishing a place like that?!"

Nope. And don't have to because it comes fully furnished, too.

Talk about a full-service resort!

You can find out more Christopher Kalec's website with Engel & Völkers Montreal.

So pack your bags and enjoy your stay.

Or should I say welcome to your new home?

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