When it comes to living like royalty in Montreal, this downtown property is a good indication of what that lifestyle looks like. For those of you with 20 million dollars burning in your pocket, I believe this is exactly where you should be spending it. Not only is this mega-mansion in the heart of the city, but it has everything you could ever want when it comes to Montreal real estate.

Located across 18,000 square feet of land, this lavish estate has classic architecture combined with a chic modern flair. And I think it's safe to say this is a dream home for so many of us. 

The property was built in 1924, but it has been maintained to perfection, which is why this estate is truly made for royalty.

Too bad Harry and Meghan didn't decide to move to Montreal, something tells me they would have been very happy here. 

The six-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion also houses two-powder rooms, a dream kitchen, a formal dining room, walk-in closets, as well as an elevator. 

Yes, an elevator.

What else could you really need?

Hopefully whoever buys this estate also has the means to fill the 14 car garage with some pretty luxurious vehicles.

There is also a breathtaking saltwater pool for the buyer and their guests to be able to cool off in during the summer heat. 

However, the pool is not the most impressive part of this multi-levelled backyard.

The stone terraces provide enough space for a large number of guests.

There's also a custom stone fire pit, a pool cabana with changing rooms, and an outdoor powder room. 

Plus, a tree-house and children's play area.

Basically, this estate is more luxurious than most hotels in the city. 

Each room in this estate is more spectacular than the next.

And if the buyer falls in love with the decor, they can purchase it fully furnished — for an extra fee, of course.

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