When it comes to Quebec real estate, there are surprises at every street corner. From furnished apartments to mega-mansions, there are basically homes to suit anyone's needs. However, when it comes to mega-mansions, only the elite could afford them, while I'm stuck just awing at their glory. And, let me tell you that this 10.5 million dollar spot takes glamour to a whole other level.

As someone who prides themselves on being a real estate fanatic, I know that this home cannot be compared to any other home in the province.

It's truly one of a kind. 

This 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom home is built on 4.2 acres of land. Not bad, right?

Its 6,500 square foot waterfront property is beyond magnificent. The home is incredibly large but still manages to have a comfortable and warm feeling to it, which is one of the things I love most about this particular property. 

From the wood finishes to the immense amount of privacy really gives you the impression of being the only people around.

And because of the size of the land, you pretty much will be the only people around. 

Not only is the home itself to die for, but walking around the property seems like it'll give you the illusion of being in your own resort in Mont Tremblant.

The cascading private waterfall is one of the most incredible features on the property.

It's one of those things that you truly need to see to believe.

The natural rock formation and timber bridge with water below are just a few other of the fabulous features you can get for this steep price tag. 

The property also has a tennis court and a ton of open land for you and your family to enjoy, that's if you have 10.5 million dollars to spend on a house.

And, as a bonus, you get stunning lake views

So, if any of you are on the market for multi-million dollar country homes, you should look into buying this one.

And, also, think about inviting me over, I promise that I'm a great houseguest! 

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