If you've spent any time in Montreal's Old Port, you've probably walked along Rue St-Paul Est, located directly across from Marché Bonsecours. The street is lined with galleries, restaurants, inns and shops that boast gorgeous historic-looking exteriors. But did you know inside one of those buildings — atop a storefront and restaurant — is a mansion that looks like a hidden palace that was frozen in time?

It's true.

And we have photo evidence to prove it because the property is for sale... which means if you have $6.25 million lying around, the 12,000 square foot 19th-century rowhouse could be yours — six bedrooms, three bathrooms, terrace and all. 

The property also houses an inn, a restaurant and a vacant commercial space so there's income potential to make up for the hefty dent this purchase would put in one's wallet.

If you don't have extra millions to spare, then you can simply fantasize about what it would feel like to live in or visit the home. 

Spoiler: You'd feel like royalty in 1870 if they'd had electricity back then. 

But, rest assured, electricity is not the only modern touch. The interior of this property is a stunning blend of old meets new.

The architecture is beautiful but the exterior looks like a typical building in Old Montreal.

Things get really interesting once you step inside.

Wood beams and exposed brick in the solarium bring that same historic charm indoors.

The next room actually looks like a castle.

The living room has a completely different feel, best described as regal. 

In fact, all the sitting areas are extremely elegant — and there are a few of them.

Plus the cupboard looks like it could take you to Narnia.

The dining room feels both formal and inviting. You can eat fireside thanks to the fireplace.



And the bedroom is definitely fit for a queen.

That arch! That moulding! Those colours! Oh my.

The kitchen transports you to a homey cottage.

Coziness and the luxury — history and modernity — flow seamlessly throughout the rooms of this home. 

If you want to see more, there are additional photos available on the webpage with the real estate listing

You can also watch a video walkthrough to fully immerse yourself in it. 

If you're already convinced you need to see this property in-person, schedule a showing here.

If it's out of budget, which no one would judge you for, but you're still keen on seeing it in the flesh — or, rather, the brick and mortar — then you can always stay at the inn that occupies a portion of the property: Auberge Bonsecours

It doesn't have quite the same palace vibe, but it certainly has the Vieux-Montréal charm — including easy access to one of the country's most unique and sophisticated neighbourhoods. 

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