• When it comes to Quebec real estate, our province is blessed with great options for people looking to become homeowners.
  • Upon looking at the many house listings alone, I stumbled across a beautiful home in the middle of the forest that just so happens to be Marie-Mai, the famous Québécoise singer's, home.
  • See photos of this amazing house below!

When it comes to Quebec real estate, we're lucky to have such a wide variety of options when looking for potential future homes. I may be nowhere near buying my first house, but that doesn't stop me from surfing the web to see what's on the market. In my most recent real estate hunt, I found a listing for one of the prettiest Quebec homes I've ever laid my eyes on — and it just so happens to be the house where Québécoise singer, Marie-Mai Bouchard, spends her days and nights.

Whether or not you're a fan of Marie-Mai, you're sure to be a fan of her Quebec mansion, which is currently on the market. The home where she and her partner David Laflèche currently reside is one in the Sainte-Adèle neighbourhood, which is only about an hour away from Montreal.

The listing tells us that this home is "surrounded by the mountains, this rustic chic four bedrooms property with double garage is exceptional!"

"Recently expanded and fully renovated into a modern country home, the result is splendid. This 3 level house offers two fireplaces, radiant floors, a screened porch and much more."

In total, this home has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry room, two dining rooms, a kitchen, a living room, a foyer, a powder room, a family room, and a den.

What more could you possibly need?

This house was built back in 1988, which doesn't seem all that long ago until you think of the thousands of condos that have popped up across the province in the last year.

If you ask me, this place is the perfect middle between the old and the new. 

For example, it has some ultra-modern countertops in the kitchen, but an age-old looking fireplace in the living room.

I gotta give it up to our girl Marie-Mai for the interior decorating also — she's turned her home into a true rustic dream.

Here's a photo of her hard at work in the house.

I have yet to mention one of the best parts of this property: the hot tub.

I think I would dislike winter a little less if I had the option of spending the cold season soaking in this.

And for the summer days when the temperature is too high to imagine being in a hot tub, there's the option of a nice cold bath in one of the perfect white and wood bathrooms.

The amount of natural light that gets in makes me think it'd be really hard to be sad while living here.

After seeing all these photos I'm uncertain as to why Marie-mai and her partner would even want to sell it, but maybe they've decided they don't need four bedrooms...

Upload credit : Frédéric Tremblay - Courtier Immobilier

Or maybe they managed to find something even bigger and better. I suppose anything is possible.

So, if you happen to have $749,000 laying around and have been eager to leave the city, now is the time to buy yourself some property!

Check the listing out here.

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