If the thought of summer makes your heart ache, avert your eyes now. This Quebec cabin perched on the shore of Lake Brome in the Eastern Township village of Knowlton is a dream destination with sweeping views of the water and landscape framed by sharp, contemporary angles and large windows. It even has an indoor climbing rope.

The vacation house was built for two brothers by architecture firm Atelier Schwimmer.

"As the brothers relish the possibilities and pleasures offered by a leisure society of skis, snowshoes, fishing rods, mud, luggage, grocery bags… the mundane vanishes when they enter the building," the firm writes in a press release.

"Playing piano and guitar, sharing stories, eating together, playing board games, watching movies, the more, the merrier, participants share the space and enjoy the views."

The home is constructed with communal principles, encouraging gathering and shared experiences in its very design.

"The cabin is centered around an atrium that opens to the outdoors," the architects explain.

"The design was developed around a fireplace set beside a triple-height area that makes it visible from everywhere within the cabin thus generating a canyon of hospitality."

Its charred plank siding and towering windows make for a dramatic façade and interior living space.

The climbing rope clearly plays with that drama, offering a fun way to maximize views in the atrium.

The home is made more remarkable by its surroundings, which, according to Tourism Eastern Townships, consist of mostly Victorian architecture.

"Set amongst classical 19th-century houses and more recently built modest cottages," according to the press release, it certainly stands out. 

We would kill for these views right now...

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