It sure is spectacular to do an expert hike in the summer, but what you didn't know is that it is just as fantastic to hike some easy trails with magical views! Not only is it so beautiful to see everything from the top of a mountain but, easy hiking trails can be found right here in Quebec!

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So, instead of breaking your back and driving two hours out, why not check out some of these easy hiking trails! Some lead to majestic waterfalls and others to beautiful mountain tops! It's time to stay active the easy way!

1. Cross Parc national de la Gaspésie Off Your Bucket List

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Length of Trails: ranges from 1 to 17 km so if you're a beginner or an expert you'll be able to find something that you'll like. 2 Easy trails that offer superb views!

Views: high barren peaks, glacial cirques and even signs of wildlife.

2. Cross Parc national des Grands-Jardins Off Your Bucket List

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Length of Trails: the trail can satisfy all categories of hikers with its 30 km

Views: Charlevoix Biosphere Reserve, a status granted to the region by UNESCO with beautiful landscapes: taiga, tundra, deciduous forest, boreal forest, and mountain vegetation.

3. Cross Vallée Bras-du-Nord Off Your Bucket List

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Point de chute

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Length of Trails: more than 80 km of short and long trails. From beginner to expert, this place is for everyone. Yes, even your dog is allowed.

Views: Stunning Mountains and beautiful rivers

4. Cross Parc National du Mont-Tremblant Off Your Bucket List

Length of Trails: hiking trails with 3 differents sectors:De la Diable Sector, De la Pimbina Sector and L’Assomption Sector, and Each sector offers many trails for different levels.

Views: Lacs, wild life, mountains, and much more!

5. Cross Parc National du Bic Off Your Bucket List

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Length of Trails: 11 trails and 2 that are accessible at low tide. The longest trail, and for beginners, is 9,4 km long and last 3 hours.

Views: capes, bays, coves, islands, and mountains.

6. Cross Wolf Trail Off Your Bucket List

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Length of Trails: easy to moderate in difficulty, but perhaps the only challenging thing about it is the length. The whole hike will take about 3 hours to complete

Views: Valleys, hills, farms, mountains

7. Cross Sentier Du Morne Trail Off Your Bucket List

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Length of Trails: This hiking trail is a long, slow climb that is certainly worth the view. It should take around two hours to complete

Views: amazing nature scenes, salleys, meadows, mountains

8. Cross Parc Regional Des Sept-Chutes Off Your Bucket List


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Length of Trails: There are multiple trails to choose from, including ones for beginner hikers that should take 3 hours to complete.

Views: seven waterfalls, mountains, lakes, rivers

9. Cross Parc de la Gorge trails Off Your Bucket List

Length of Trails: the hiking trails range from easy to moderate (2 hours), and you'll be spanning across bridges (like the suspended one pictured above).

Views: suspension bridge, boardwalks, and sections that will open up to amazing views of the gorge.

10. Cross  Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie Off Your Bucket List


Length of Trails: Explore the 30 km of trails that wind through our park, ranging from easy to difficult.

Views: Raise the curtain on a remarkable territory that wears traces left by time, ice, and water

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