Being a student today, you wouldn't think that you have much in common with students from the early 1900s. That was over a hundred years ago, and so much has changed since then, right? Well, looking at these vintage dorm rooms photos shows how little college life has changed in the course of a century. Check out the captions and images below to see what we mean.

Cute keepsakes and mementos still adorned rooms, just no poloroids.

Frat bros still loved their brew.

Exam season hasn't gotten any easier.

Considering the state of most dorm rooms, this is STILL a good find.

Men still loved to have lovely ladies on their walls.

and eat out some melons.

College kids still thought they could play the guitar, thankfully 'WonderWall' wasn't made yet.

Ladies still loved a good beat.

And even though smoking has always been banned, badasses light up anyway.

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